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Whilst normal life is on hold,  exhibitions cancelled and the Burnham art trail  'virtual' this year, I'm sharing images of paintings I've done entirely in and from the garden during the lockdown. It's been a revelation to me how enjoyable it has been, but also hard work. I don't know yet if any will end up for sale. At present I'm just enjoying living in the moment!
Sue Spiers

Sue lives in Bradwell-on-Sea, on the East Coast, and has painted professionally for over thirty years.  The seaside, boats and watery places are the subjects for acrylic on canvas and 'en plein air' in watercolours.  Sue exhibits with 'Salty Dogs', a collective of nautical artists, every November and December.
Paintings can be bought via the website with PayPal or other means, some paintings are in venues so check for availability first and also if Sue can deliver.